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Join the US Army for "Food and Shelter"

Military recruiters having no trouble filling quotas. With jobs scarce, military recruiters are filling their quotas.
By Mike Clary | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
December 20, 2008

"In a crumbling economy, jobs disappear and opportunities fade. But one employer always has openings: the U.S. military.
Just four years after South Florida recruiters struggled to meet even half their quotas, the Army is exceeding enlistment goals by appealing to a wide range of candidates who see limited job options in the civilian world."

"The Army Family Covenant was initiated and signed by Secretary of the Army Pete Geren, Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., and Sgt. Maj. Of the Army Kenneth O. Preston this October as part of their pledge to support Soldiers and their Families while they defend the nation. It is part of the Army Soldier-Family Action Plan (ASFAP) t hat will guide Army Leadership in making the Covenant a reality. They are recognizing, in part through this Covenant, that the strength of the soldiers lies in the strength of their families, and that this is an area that has not been given all the attention it has deserved. After all, according to General Creighton Abrams, “People are not in the Army, they are the Army.”"