Journalist Max Blumenthal Arrested for Thoughtcrimes | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Journalist Max Blumenthal Arrested for Thoughtcrimes

The award-winning writer and founder of the adversarial news site The Grayzone journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal, had his apartment swarmed by D.C police who pounded on his door and demanded that he open it, or it will be broken down. Max admitted to journalist and comedian Jimmy Dore that he was debating in his mind whether or not to open the door or let the officers destroy his property.

Max noticed police had his apartment surrounded, and instead of allowing the police to kick his door in, he opened his door, and armed officers swarmed into his livingroom and presented Max with a warrant for his arrest. DC police then arrested Max Blumenthal on a five-month-old warrant for simple assault stemming from an event in which Max Blumenthal attempted to smuggle food into the Venezuelan Embassy to activists of the Embassy Protection Collective.

The Embassy Protection Collective were guarding the Venezuelan Embassy to prevent it from being taken over by far-right Venezuelan activists. Who supported the ongoing attempted coup in Venezuela to overthrow President Maduro and replace him with Juan Guaido. Max Blumenthal and his colleagues at The Grayzone not only exposed the coup attempt in Venezuela, but they went to Venezuela and disproved the mainstream media’s propaganda in real-time.