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Julian Assange rape arrest is a publicity stunt!

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested in the U.K. on behalf of Swedish authorities, London Metropolitan Police said in an e-mailed statement today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The powers that be, or to be more accurate the powers that wish they still were, are desperate to turn Julian Assange into a counter-culture hero, in order to bolster the public image of credibility to sell the pro-Israel and anti-Iran propaganda. This rape charge is a joke when you look at it, certainly nothing that bail should be denied over, especially when one considers that the original prosecutor though the charges lacked merit, and amounted to revenge by two women who wanted a good star-fuck, then got pissed off when Julian moved on. Both women sent SMS and twitter messages bragging of their trysts with Julian, hardly the behavior one sees in true rape victims. One of the women, Anna Ardin, threw a par5ty for Julian after the alleged rape incident, again hardly behavior one would expect in a real rape. Ardin, as it turns out, is a militant feminist who published a blog urging women to get "revenge" on a man, and to make him "suffer."

Clearly a lot of time and money went into creating the Julian Assange myth. That so many people are questioning the veracity of the latest document dumps must have sent a shock wave of panic through the propagandists who still believe the world operates by the rules that applied during the Cold War. Their well crafted ventriloquist dummy is starting to come apart, and this rape arrest is just a desperate attempt to buy some public sympathy for their boy.