July 7th - The truth at last | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

July 7th - The truth at last

THE PERFECT CRIME had been planned. It would make history, and be the British answer to 9/11. After years of planning, it was ready to go! No-one would ever guess…

It was part of the main sequence of terror-events which have arced across our world in the New Millenium, extinguishing the hope which we had for the new century: 9/11 in New York, the Bali bomb of 2002, the Istanbul bomb of 2003, Madrid railway station in 2004 and then London in 2005: followed by the Mumbai train blasts of 2006. They have served to define the new Enemy – the phantom menace – and ratify Empire.

But, two things went badly wrong, for the July 7th event. Both of these simply came out of the blue, and were totally unexpected – almost, one could say, acts of God. Firstly, the train selected (Luton to London) was cancelled, for 7.40 am, and the other trains that morning were severely delayed – so that the Four just could not get to London in time. Secondly, Mohammed Khan’s beloved young wife suddenly started having pregnancy complications, and by July 5th it was clear that Khan had to pull out.