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Kenyans expect "their" Obama to save them

From The Times
January 21, 2009
Kenyans hail election of saviour Barack Obama
Rob Crilly in Nairobi

"“This man is Jesus,” shouted one man, spilling his Guinness as Barack Obama began his inaugural address. “When will he come to Kenya to save us?” If Barack Obama’s spin doctors have been trying to lower expectations since his election victory, the message clearly has not reached the land of his father.

Millions of people around the country thronged giant TV screens or crammed into bars to watch the inauguration of a man viewed as Kenya’s best hope of a prosperous and happy future. "

"Kenya is a country in need of a saviour. Last year 600,000 people were left homeless by the violence that followed disputed presidential elections.

This year some 10 million are at risk of hunger, prompting the government to declare a national emergency last week.

While Mr Obama may have been elected by American voters, here he is viewed as a Kenyan president. And Kenyan politicians are supposed to look after their own.

“It is right that when people get power they look after their family, so we know that Obama will build lots of good things for us, like schools and roads and clinics,” said George Opiyo as he left the theatre. "

"Here the benefits of the Obama presidency are already being felt. The government moved quickly after his November victory to bring modern amenities to the tiny homestead that had been left behind by the 21st century.

“This is an incredible opportunity for us, because a lot of investment will come,” said 20-year-old Faith Achieng. “It’s already thanks to him we have electricity and water.” Not bad for a man trying to play down his tag as the “chosen one”. "