Killing Innocent Afghan Civilians to "Save Our Troops" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Killing Innocent Afghan Civilians to "Save Our Troops"

I begin with an uncomfortable fact: race/ethnicity matters in the execution of America's post-Korean wars in the Third World (whether in Indochina, El Salvador, Iraq, Somalia, or Afghanistan).
We see this in the differential value put on the lives of those "Others", as well as in the language/framing of official discourse and in the language of common U.S. soldiers (graffiti, inscriptions on bombs and missiles destined to rain down upon Afghanistan or Iraq like "Here's a Ramadan present from Chad Rickenberg", in e-mails [mentioning "Afghan ragheads"], at Abu Ghraib, use of the term 'Islamo-fascists', etc.).
U.S. official and media demonization of "the enemy" - a long U.S. tradition - gets translated into such inscriptions on bombs and the like. In 1989, Christopher Hitchens published excerpts from a songbook produced and distributed by the US Air Force's 77th Tactical Fighter Squadron (based in South Carolina): "Phantom flyers in the sky, Persian-pukes prepare to die, Rolling in with snake and nape, Allah creates but we cremate."