Kobach: Democrats Finally Acknowledge That Voter Fraud Exists | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Kobach: Democrats Finally Acknowledge That Voter Fraud Exists

Not so long ago, prominent Democrats were insisting that voter fraud did not exist in the United States. Others conceded that it existed, but that it was so rare as to be irrelevant to the outcome of elections. Liberal media sources like U.S. News scoffed that looking for voter fraud was like going on a “unicorn hunt.”

Notably, in early 2017 then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi mocked President Trump’s claim that voter fraud occurred in the 2016 presidential election. She called his focus on voter fraud “really strange,” adding, “I frankly feel very sad for the president making this claim.” She asked Republicans to join her in declaring that “we have confidence in our system and that we always respect the results of the election.”

She’s singing a different tune now. As Speaker of the House, she is closely watching the election dispute in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. More than two months after the election, the outcome is still in doubt. Incumbent Republican Mark Harris leads Democrat Dan McCready in the unofficial vote count by 905 votes, but there are credible allegations that a contractor working for the Harris campaign harvested absentee ballots and failed to deliver ballots that were likely cast for McCready. The State Board of Elections declined to certify the election result in the wake of the November election, and a new Board will resume investigating the election later in January.