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Latest U.N. censure of Iran may start more confrontational phase

The resounding censure of Iran on Friday by the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, signals the start of a potentially more confrontational phase in the Obama administration's dealings with the Islamic republic, including the prospect of strengthened U.S.-led efforts to cut off Iran's economic links to the world.

The 35-nation board approved by 25 to 3 a resolution rebuking Iran for its continued defiance of U.N. resolutions that demand a halt to uranium enrichment and other activities U.S. officials think are aimed at developing nuclear weapons. The declaration is particularly critical of Iran's secret construction of a second enrichment plant inside mountain bunkers near the ancient city of Qom, southwest of Tehran.

The resolution, which was supported by China and Russia, two longtime skeptics of taking a hard line against Iran, said the government's failure to notify the IAEA of the project was a "breach of its obligation" under U.N. treaties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This situation seems to be following the horrendously predictable course we saw with Iraq.

It appears that China, which needs Iran's oil, has gone along with this, because they have been told that unless there is some positive cooperation from Iran, Israel will start a military campaign against it, putting China's oil needs in jeopardy.

Sanctions will only hurt the Iranian people; not the leadership of this country.

If the sanctions don't work then what?!? A blockade of the Gulf, which the Iranians will (rightly) interpret as an act of war?

And unfortunately, in Washington, there are many people in the halls of power who see another major war as the only way out of the mess into which this Government has dug itself.

But there's one, big, fat, hairy problem here (among many others): the US has lost almost all of its manufacturing infrastructure. You can start a war without that, but you cannot sustain it.