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Le Mesurier Gets Cross'd

Authored by Craig Murray,

Perhaps the only fact on James Le Mesurier about which I would agree with the MSM war cheerleaders is that he was a very busy man. It is remarkable therefore that he found the time and inclination to follow “Philip Cross” on twitter. Given that “Philip Cross” has virtually never posted an original tweet, and his timeline consists almost entirely of retweets of Nick Cohen, David Aaronovitch and openly pro-Israel propaganda accounts, why would Le Mesurier bother to follow him?

“Philip Cross” has never posted any news other than to retweet columnists. He has never given an insight into a story. In addition to James Le Mesurier, why then were all these MSM journailsts following “Philip Cross” from before “he” gained notoriety for his Wikipedia exploits?

Oliver Kamm, Leader Writer The Times

Nick Cohen, Columnist The Guardian/Observer

Joan Smith, Columnist The Independent

Leslie Felperin, Film Columnist The Guardian

Kate Connolly, Foreign Correspondent The Guardian/Observer

Lisa O’Carroll, Brexit Correspondent The Guardian

James Bloodworth, Columnist The Independent

Cristina Criddle, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor, The Sunday Times

Iain Watson, Political Correspondent, The BBC

Caroline Wheeler, Deputy Political Editor, the Sunday Times

Jennifer Chevalier, CBC ex-BBC

Dani Garavelli, Scotland on Sunday

Prominent Freelancers

Bonnie Greer (frequently in The Guardian)

Mason Boycott-Owen (The Guardian, New Statesman)

Marko Attilla Hoare (The Guardian)

Kirsty Hughes

Guy Walters (BBC)

Paul Canning

What attracted all of these senior MSM figures to follow an obscure account with almost no original content?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question, indeed, must be asked, by logical people.