Lebanon’s next war may also be Syria’s | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Lebanon’s next war may also be Syria’s

Media reports in recent days have painted dire scenarios for what is, supposedly, the inevitable conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. Of particular note are persistent indicators that the next round, if or when it comes, will very likely involve Syria as well.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is a scenario.

Israel attacks Lebanon and Syria.

Israel screams for help against the evil aggressors, then when the US sends YOUR kids to die in battle for Israel, Israel launches an attack against Iran.

Russia and China come in on Iran's side.

The US realizes it lacks the conventional forces to successfully wage a new world war and resorts to its nuclear arsenal against Russia and China.

China and Russia retaliate with their nuclear weapons.

The US, Russia, and China are blown back to the stone age.
Israel, laughing at how easy it was to trick the goyim into killing each other off, is now able to use their own nuclear arsenal to blackmail what is left of the world into submission.