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Lying to the mother of a dead soldier

I held in my hands a DVD recording of the incident in Ramadi, captured by a sergeant's helmet-mounted camera. The video shows the chaotic scene and includes soldiers claiming to have watched the tank fire at the men. The tank shell screamed in from the west, soldiers say, all but obliterating Suarez, sending his head and torso far off the roof to the east.

Feggins' son wasn't so lucky. The tape shows him regaining consciousness and suffering terribly as his buddies struggle to stem his bleeding and keep him calm.

Until I knocked on her door, Feggins had had no idea the tape even existed, but she wanted to see it. "I need to know everything," she told me. "You think I can't handle that? I can handle that. That was my child."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every parent who has lost their kid while they were serving in the military, deserves that absolute, straight truth about how they died: this government owes them that.