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The Madness of James Mattis

The wildly unpopular if not forbidden-to-be-uttered truth is that Mattis, while an admittedly decorated marine and military strategist, was an abject failure. Despite being hailed as a “warrior monk,” he was and remains a conventional interventionist figure – prisoner to the tired old militarist ideas of the necessity for US military forward deployment, counterinsurgency in Afghanistan, and the perpetual need to balance or “contain” Russia and China. His career-long defense of America’s post-9/11 engagements should be the first sentence of his obituary.

Mattis, a supposed “warrior monk,” and cerebral strategist above the passions and viciousness of battle, also holds a tarnished legacy from his time commanding the siege and assault of Fallujah, Iraq in late 2004. According to a well-documented report from the Center for Investigative Reporting, his marines played fast and loose with their firepower, killing enough civilians to fill a soccer stadium. A year later, he reportedly used his status as a two-star general to “wipe away criminal charges” for marines accused of massacring 24 Iraqi civilians in the village of Haditha.