Mandated Vaccines: Finding Our Path to Freedom | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Mandated Vaccines: Finding Our Path to Freedom

By Rosanne Lindsay ND

In June, California became the first state to mandate vaccination for all children attending public and private schools. Similar mandates will apply to all adults working in daycare settings. There are currently 58 bills in 24 different states that would limit your rights when it comes to vaccines, or lose your job. A proposed Federal law will attempt to jab the entire nation.

While we were sleeping, presidential candidates began practicing medicine without a license, declaring no one has a right to refuse vaccination, meanwhile openly accepting bribes from the pharmaceutical industry. In Australia, “‘conscientious objectors’ to childhood vaccination will have their childcare and family tax payments stopped.”

Can we rely on the Science? Do we have a choice? Forget about it. Under the new dictates no one is immune, except the vaccine makers, who wrote the rules and exempted themselves from liability for vaccine damage. Their Healthy People 20/20 Act targets all ages, from cradle to grave, for mandatory, involuntary vaccination. Tyranny has reared its ugly head. Forced medication means we do not live in a free society...