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Marketing the War with Iran

A number of happenings seem to be converging toward what Castro has predicted - that there will be attacks on Iran and North Korea that will devastate whole populations. (All relevant news links are listed below my comments.)

For starters, I have never doubted that Rafik Hariri's assassination was the work of Israeli/US/UK "intelligence" in a failed attempt to weaken Lebanon, whose water is coveted by Israel and whose strategic location is coveted as a base of operations against Iran. As usual, Israel got a little more than it bargained for when it recently provoked yet another skirmish on the Lebanese border, and (in a fit of pique?) has since fired on a Lebanese fishing boat. At the same time they are attempting to create chaos through accusations that members of Hezbollah assassinated Hariri, just as Hezbollah is about to announce evidence that Israel did it.