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Masada legend galvanises Israel

It is something of a rite of passage for Israeli schoolchildren - a trip to Masada - as obligatory a part of their upbringing as exams and sports days.

And Masada is a remarkable story, albeit one that is mired in legend.

The rebels, or Zealots as they were known, are supposed to have held the Romans at bay for several years before retreating to their final hold-out in about 70 AD.

Then, rather than be captured, they committed collective suicide - men killing their own families, afterwards each other, until one remained to kill himself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except that, like the Solomon's Temple Pomegranate and the Jehoash Tablet, the Masada story may be another hoax created to serve the Jewish state.

The remains excavated at Masada are not the remains of suicided Jews, but of Romans! Moreover, there were doubts at the time of the discovery that these were Jewish remains, since pig bones were found among them, but pressure to declare the remains as Jewish heroes came from the government of Israel.

Israel seems intent on crafting a mythological history for itself that may in fact have never existed.