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Mass arrests of protesters at Republican National Convention

A total of 295 people have been arrested, including 137 charged with felonies such as "conspiracy to commit riot." Many continued to be detained. The bulk of those arrested were seized during an antiwar march of 10,000 people on the Monday, the opening day of the convention. Demonstrators were forced to run the gauntlet of hundreds of riot-equipped and black-uniformed police, FBI agents and 150 National Guard troops carrying shields.

The police fired tear gas, beanbags and used tasers to arrest hundreds of protesters. Also targeted were independent journalists and photographers and groups that monitor police abuse against protesters. Among those seized by the police were an Associated Press photographer, a group of University of Kentucky student journalists and Amy Goodman, the host of the liberal radio show "Democracy Now!" Goodman was arrested for "interfering with peace officers" when she questioned police about the arrest and bloodying of her show’s two producers.

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Welcome to the New World Order, folks: now just bend over, spread 'em, and don't let your National Identity Card (which you must carry on your person at all times) fall out of your pockets in the process!