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Michael F Rivero - Facebook

Okay, my profile is now a Fan page so I can have more than 5000 friends/followers.

If you submitted a friend request in the last couple weeks, please resend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The story here is that for the last several months I have been hitting that 5000 upper limit on the number of facebook friends one can have in a profile. Facebook does not provide easy ways to cull inactive friends or even find and delete friends who have closed their facebook accounts, and despite lots of playing with outside scripts, trying to fit everyone in was becoming a real pain, especially since a flood of new friend requests started pouring in after the Paris "terrorist" attack. So I have converted to a Facebook Fan page, which removes the limits, but also some functionality.

If you attepted to become a friend or follower in the last few weeks, and did not get a reply, please try again. Thanks.