My View From the Bowl, past Bernanke, Obama, South Korea, and the toilet paper. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

My View From the Bowl, past Bernanke, Obama, South Korea, and the toilet paper.

The U.S. is in debt huge to China, and although China isn't our largest debtor; it is truly the only one on the world stage with the ability to act alone with the same menacing ability as the U.S. claims it still cans.

The reality?:

1) China could crash our economy within 4 hours if it felt it wanted to, AND that it would be a viable interest to its people and longevity. It CHOOSES not to due to the following-
a- Our dollar is kept just strong enough to attract goods from China which we all purchase and keeps China's people employed making all the stuff we used to. China wants its people working.
b- China needs to recover physical gold, silver, platinum, etc. from our economy in order to be able to completely severe ties with the U.S. or put itself into such a position that THEY call the shots instead of ISRAEL. Why do you think older computers and tech gear get sent back to China for recycle? They have more precious metals used to build them then what’s being sent to us today.
c-China is still working to completely set up other 'markets' who want their goods and are able to pay competitively for them while still keeping its people employed with the ability to make the goods (you know, not follow the American standard of overpaying workers and then selling out the manufacturing to other countries). So it is working with Russia in order to set up these markets, as well as other countries that are willing to do the same.
d-The best part for the Chinese laborer is that China has been and still will send its people to other countries to help build up their manufacturing and infrastructure with Chinese workers (read: NOT SUPERVISORS) who are sending the pay back to China. This has gone on for centuries and puts a level of dependency on the Chinese labor WITHIN borders. As the countries expand and get wealthy on the labor of the worker, they also want/purchase more goods from China to continue the expansion and integrating more fully the dependency for the goods.

2) China is not able to fight a war with troops outside its own country (not counting missiles) because it both doesn't want to, and has limited ability to. China may have millions of people for its Armies, but it doesn't have the service and support needed for the mobility for operations outside its own borders. Herein lays its secret to success and something America should have followed through with. China realizes this and makes sure that it offers limited assurances and personnel to its partners, but it also knows it would have to use the resources of every square inch of land on its way to do war in order to feed its army AND its people back home. A moving Army is an immense drain on the nation (just look at what America's had to do during WWI and WWII) and the Chinese people would absolutely revolt. China's only option is to stay put, and just launch missiles (non-nuke) and it can decisively hold off any Naval or Air attack the US throws at it. Besides, America would have to expend the resources and personnel to throw into the meat grinder that is China's own air-defense.
a- notice how china isn't attempting to militarily overthrow or control other countries like the U.S. is? Other than Taiwan, which only exists as something the U.S. uses as a tool to provoke China or make it look bad while we exhaust the Taiwanese people of goods and services to mock China.

3) China again has the higher ground in Asia, but if that’s not enough to convince you, then look at the other issue- Russia. While China only has to stay put and defend its region, Russia still has the ability to reach out and touch the U.S. directly with troops. And the best part for them is they don't have to go to the U.S. to do it, they simply have to head south into Afghanistan and wipe out the troops we have there who are already stretched thin and bogged down. If you think Russia destroyed all their maps and plans on the country, then you’re a fool, and our soldiers are already dead.
a- Russia has great benefit now to follow China's lead and join forces monetarily. The best chance Russia has of maintaining its identity and existence is through China. Russia learned that Zionism is meant only to destroy and knows too well what America has yet to learn from being a Zionist puppet. China and Russia have always been on good terms (unless the Zionists attempted to destroy it) and Russia is now willing to step up for its people the same way China has; by shunning the Zionist and their ignorance, and proceeding with their own plans at taking care of its people and not venturing out to take over the world.
1) And before you start talking about human rights violations, understand this: For ANY and ALL fingers or acts you want to point out about China or Russia in the last 20 years, I can easily point out 2 of the same issues (probably worse) in EITHER America or Israel. So save the 'Holocaust' crap for someone who cares? I'm American Indian and we suffered worse at the hands of 'settler' bastards then you EVER will. I'm also a realist and don't rely on the past as a crutch to determine how to proceed with the here and now.
b- Russia also has a lot of ability to create a better understanding of trade and progress with China now that it’s hit the bottom of the barrel as a country and the two will be taking over with Iran as the new Super Leaders (not Super Powers). Notice the differences now in these 3 countries; they are all working together, they are not invading or 'assisting' other countries with military occupation or force, and they are actively negotiating "Peaceful" issues with the future of their people in mind and apparent. Too bad England, America, Israel, and India weren't doing the same.

4) America doesn't want to cross the line. Right now we are all bluster and talk. America knows we are truly dependent on every item shipped to us by China- repair parts and goods. Even though America wants to prove to the world how bad China is and how awful it is to its own people, American politicians balk when its own policies and actions are put on the world stage, and end up following the Zionist actions of calling investigators 'liars' and expecting that that’s the bottom line. The truth won't set American's free because it’s not that we can't handle the truth, it’s that we haven't heard it in so long that it sounds like made up Bullshit when compared to the MSM dis-info that’s been going on for decades. The only truth right now is America owes a lot of money to China, as well as relies heavily on goods from China in order to maintain its 'Superpower' facade. America starts a war with China, and the only option is Nukes for everyone, because;
a- It would take 8-12 years to completely retool what’s left of our manufacturing to make weapon parts to replace the parts we get from China now for our weapons.
b- It would take 5 years just to reopen mines and get the ores needed to make the parts with.
c- It would take 2 years just to start making the missile chips and bodies that we get from the Chinese for our rocket guidance systems.
d- We still have to have the MONEY to pay to get these programs started, or force Americans into full-on slavery to get it all built.
e-We would still be FIGHTING the whole time, which means we would probably lose the entire country within 22 months and all be learning Mandarin at 36 so we could assimilate our children better.

In the end, America doesn't want to (at least the sensible, thinking public) nor should attempt to fight in North Korea, or attempt to strong arm China to do something.

What SHOULD happen:

1- America grows some cahones and tells South Korea that its 'on its own, it started this mess, now fucking fix it yourself or fall, cause your country isn’t to big to fail, anymore than ours'
2- We kick EVERY politician out of congress; get together at the grass roots level and start drafting a new constitution with express language that NO FORMER politician or Banker EVER get a position of authority outside their own home again. Also, if you have dual citizenship to ANY country, you can NEVER hold office in ours, or have ANY type of influential appointment due to a CONFLICT OF FUCKING INTEREST. Does it need to be any clearer than that?
3- We put our troops back into our country and start deprogramming them and us on the whole 'war is good' mind control that we've been under for the last 80 years.
(as an aside- I spent 12 years being trained and training for combat as well as operating on the 2 way firing range more than once; and something that always pissed me the hell off; how can you take a kid and constantly build him up to fight and be tenacious and to fight to KILL at the first engagement, then expect him to forget it all when off-duty/ discharged?, we can't get our politicians to keep their dicks in their pants over ugly as poon, but we expect soldiers to have more self control over active training???)
4- We let the world move on without acting like its Police, leaders, clergy, etc. We aren't even doing that good enough at home, why go outside our borders as the world’s moral compass?
5- Disown Israel. Kick out or hang all Zionists left in the country after a 6 hour 'window' to get the hell out. Hang Pollard now so they understand EXACTLY how we feel about their AGENDA in OUR country. Stop the presses and stop sending money to the bastards, today. Then give them a bill for all the military equipment and aid we've given over the last 60 years and see how fast they stay our friends. Also, hang any Mossad agent or shoot the fuckers in the street, past and present and any that were on the payroll for 9/11.

Do that, and MAYBE humanity and our country have a future. Go to war and we might as well start engraving granite rocks for the next species to look at and mull 'what happened to these creatures that they all suddenly died'.