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Netanyahu, Trump and Putin: A love story

The Israeli prime minister has worked hard to grow his political bromance with the presidents of Russia and the US.

Call him a crook, call him a warmonger, but who other than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could boast two successful summits with both US and Russian presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, all within two weeks of the Israeli elections?

His immediate motives are clear, but there is something beyond his obviously shrewd use of diplomacy for electoral gain. There are greater strategic implications of such high-powered statesmanship.

So how did a politically challenged, corruption-ridden leader of a tiny state get the world superpowers to do his bidding and on his schedule?

The answer lies in a three-way bromance that has been blossoming for some time, and could potentially shape the Middle East for years to come.



When are people going to......

Ethan Allen and...

learn? WE had a choice between evil and evil. If voting could change the system it wouldn't be legal. What we have in Trump is one big neocon who Loves Israel! Not America.
It should be obvious that the Russian Collusion story was a psyop to drive support to Trump and make the dems look like idiots,which they are of course.
I don't post much anymore,because the whole thing appears to be a futile exercise. The USA and The Constitution and Bill of Rights are dead,dead,dead!