New York City, inside World Trade Center 7 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

New York City, inside World Trade Center 7

If this is chapter 11 of the screenplay.. I want to see the movie.

CIA agent Anthony Bruschuto hung up the phone. General Bark noticed his sly smile and asked, "Who was that?"
"What did he want?"
"He said, 'Make sure that bitch is on the plane'."
General Barker laughed, "Did you tell him we escorted Barbara to Flight 11 with a pair of agents almost an hour ago?"
"That's exactly what I said."
"Alright, let's get down to serious business then."
"One and Two are wired, ready to go. This building is on standby. The planes go airborne in about an hour."
"And the evidence?"
"Dropped shithead's passport near the towers in a place where even the NYPD can find it. Our MOSSAD friends parked the car at Logan this morning with both bags inside."
"Did you stuff the luggage properly?"
"Koran, videocassette for a Boeing 767 Flight Simulator, and lists of fellow hijackers. They tossed in a suicide note, for good measure."
"Now we wait."
Anthony sat down checking his notes. General Barker hovered over the desk, reviewing the mock exercises planned for that day. Anthony's cell phone rang.
A voice on the other end spoke, "Employees of Odigo just received e-mails regarding the attack."
Anthony shook his head, "Yesterday, the stock trades and today this. Can't these people do anything without making a profit?"
The voice said, "We're over-riding their computer system now. That's the last message that will get out."

A full movie it should be, with a budget of millions.. Somebody with money should invest it in this property..because this is the real history.. Kind of. (The names are changed to protect the innocent.)

The movie should be made.. even if by the Russians.. the truth is the truth.