No legal action can remove US criminal gov't | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

No legal action can remove US criminal gov't

Why We Need Martial Law
Criminal Government Is Destroying America - Military
Must Step In To Restore The Constitution
By John Kaminski
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Our government is out of control. The elections are rigged. The Congress is completely bought off. The White House administration is a gang of criminals who are stealing the nation blind. There is no proper accountability from any department of government. And the United States is conducting two major wars, irresponsibly squandering the lives of our young people, for reasons that everyone in the world knows are lies.

[There really is no longer any legal recourse for Americans who are fighting against the criminal system of the US government. Those who are on the front lines working within the framework of law to regain a lawful government are in a losing battle. Those with the power to restore Constitutional law are the very criminals who want it destroyed and will not abide by the law to accommodate those pursuing legal results. Accusing and verbally attacking other concerned patriots accomplishes nothing to solve the disaster happening within the US. I doubt that Kaminski's solution would give the desired results, but at least he is looking at the situation realistically. I have not seen anyone else advocating action, only accusations about how we should be doing something. Well, what? Dare we cite the Declaration of Independence to make the point? And what Americans would even understand?]