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North Korea can trigger the feared 21st century US-China war

The recent exchange of artillery fire in the Yellow Sea between the armed forces of North Korea and South Korea caused Asian stocks to tumble and heightened fears that North Korea might recklessly instigate another US-China war, similar to what happened during the 1950s Korean War.

By now, many Chair Wrecker readers have realized why we have been raising the alarm for over three years now for Filipinos to watch intently the moves that the US has been making in Mindanao and against China. Three years ago, your Chair Wrecker felt like a Biblical Prophet, alone and unheeded, crying out in the wilderness.

Very few appreciated then the link that we established between the looming US-China conflict and that aborted MOA-AD (Memorandum of Agreement-Ancestral Domain) with the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front). Fewer still appreciated our expose of the sinister US agenda in promoting a virtual Muslim State in Mindanao.

It’s hard not to appreciate at this point the reality of a US-China conflict. Many aspects of it are now being openly discussed in international media. The consistent demonizing of China by the US is a giveaway of their preparations for a conflict.

The question many folks ask your Chair Wrecker now is this what are the chances of a 21st century US-China War ever happening? Indeed, will these two nations really want to extend their present conflict which is basically economic, trade and geopolitical in nature to a theatre of war?