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Nuclear Chicken in Poland: Putin Can't Afford to Back Down

If the Bush administration proceeds with its plan to deploy its Missile Defense System in Poland, Russian Prime Minister Putin will be forced to remove it militarily. He has no other option. The proposed system integrates the the entire US nuclear arsenal into one operational-unit a mere 115 miles from the Russian border. It's no different than Khrushchev's plan to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba in the 1960s.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It still concerns me the length of time this administration has in which to create an even worse world of hurt than it already has.

The move to seal the deal to deploy the US missile defense system in Poland is sheer and utter insanity, premised on an absolutely non-existent understanding of Russian history.

By having agreed to this treaty, the US also promises Poland that the US will manage these missile units, and that Americans will fight and die if Poland is attacked by anyone.

It seems as though the US is hell-bent on goading Russia into a military confrontation, with Poland potentially being a convenient flashpoint.