NY lawyer gets jail in Dead Sea Scrolls case | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NY lawyer gets jail in Dead Sea Scrolls case

Some scholars, including New York University Judaic studies chairman Lawrence Schiffman, say the texts were assembled by a sect known as the Essenes. Others — including Norman Golb, a University of Chicago historian and Golb's father — believe the writings were the work of a range of Jewish groups and communities.

Schiffman went to authorities after some of his students and colleagues received e-mails from an address that used his name. The e-mails appeared to have him admitting that he plagiarized Norman Golb's work and asking the recipients to keep quiet about it. Schiffman denies copying the historian's work.

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Megaphonies and robo_posters take note!

Israel has a long history of attempting to hijack archaeology to support political agenda, from the now-discredited Temple Pomegranate to the Jehoash Tablet, to the mis-interpretation of the graves at Massada. This latest onlione fraud and harrassment appears to be another example of the "ends justify all means" approach that Israel's supporters engage in when they cannot win a debate with facts and logic.