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NY Times Contributor: Whiteness Must be "Abolished"

Myles E. Johnson, who the New York Times lists as a "contributing writer" and children's-book author, argued last week that whiteness must be "abolished" because it is inherently "greedy" and "can't create anything on its own."

This, as well as other racially-charged comments, were written publicly by Johnson last week.

"Whiteness is greedy," Johnson wrote on the 16th, "and it even arrives in language. White people's use of the N-word is to show there is no place they can't arrive."


Another divide and conqure story...


I repeat from an earlier comment... this post is another great example of inciting hatred... get over this shrimpdrop, and don't even waste your time with his nonsense.

Both sides of the argument tune into their media of choice and recieve a 24/7 feedback loop that re-enforces that their side is correct. Very dangerous Group Think taking place here. Sure appears that the PTB have masterfully played the American people with the divide and conquer tactic.

No longer are we focused on the real culprits (the top 1%)... instead the focus is on the blues vs. reds, the blacks vs. whites, the donkeys vs. the elephants, etc.

Are there people from both sides of the debate that no longer trust the msm? Yes. But sadly, it appears to me that the people of this nation are being played into a perfect civil war 2.0 scenario.

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