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Obama, Gen. Ward : Black puppets for Africa

Kip’s Folly: A Black Commander for U.S. Forces in Africa
Africa - US Imperialism in Africa
Wednesday, 14 November 2007
by Mark P. Fancher

"From Clarence Thomas to Colin Powell to Condoleezza Rice - and many more African American mercenaries in between - U.S. rulers have had little problem finding Black front men and women for their intrigues and adventures."

"Army General William E. "Kip" Ward stands tall as imperialism's shining black prince. He has been anointed to head Africom, a rapidly unfolding plan to establish an expanded western military presence in Africa for the purpose of securing domination of the continent's oil and other natural resources. (Okay, okay - so they claim Africom is designed to quell internal strife and fight terrorism. But none of us believe that.)"

"General Ward is not alone in his willingness to play the role of imperialist lackey. Barack Obama enthusiastically embraces the Africom concept. He uttered the following nonsense: "There will be situations that require the United States to work with its partners in Africa to fight terrorism with lethal force. Having a unified command operating in Africa will facilitate this action." If Ward and Obama were to rationalize their compromises with the tired excuse that Africom can't be stopped and "at least it will be under the control of a brother," we would be compelled to respond that our people's history shows that it doesn't have to be that way."