Obama joins Bush, Congress in War Crimes for false imprisonment, torture at Bagram Prison | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Obama joins Bush, Congress in War Crimes for false imprisonment, torture at Bagram Prison

The US invaded Afghanistan illegally; the country did not attack the US and their government volunteered to cooperate with extradition of any criminal suspects upon evidence of probable cause. The US refused to provide evidence, did not receive requisite UN Security Council authorization for military action required by US and international law, and illegally invaded in a War of Aggression.

Please pause to verify the fact that the US illegally invaded Afghanistan. When an invasion is illegal, the people fighting US troops are defending their nation against a hostile force. If China invaded the US on such pretext, Americans who did not defend our nation would be called cowards and traitors to the invading horde.

Please view the 7-minute film from Brave New Foundation and the 2-minute clip of Daniel Ellsberg and Matthew Hoh concerning Bagram Prison, and US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Daniel Ellsberg broke the Pentagon Papers that documented US illegal invasions of Laos and Cambodia in the Vietnam War, along with the plan that Vietnam would be on ongoing war (and consider this). Matthew Hoh was a Marine Corp Captain in Afghanistan who resigned, citing US support of Afghan government corruption, graft, drug trade, and complete disregard for rule of law. He saw US planning and use of our dedicated soldiers as “specious,” a good synonym for psychopathic: a veneer of virtue covering malicious actual actions.

Finally, Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley explains in a 7-minute video how US obvious torture is obviously illegal to not disclose, prosecute, and end. His conclusion is Obama is complicit in torture by covering-up criminal acts. Congress is equally guilty in their inaction.

Support our troops by acknowledging these wars are illegal, ending them immediately, bringing our troops home, declaring obvious torture, and having Truth and Reconciliation hearings to uncover all other illegal and harmful acts of our government upon the American people.