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Obama to Meet With Poor, One on One, In Daily Visits

Taking yet another queue from Ken Burns's PBS mini-series The Civil War, which he watched for a course he took at Harvard, President-Elect Obama has decided again to imitate Abraham Lincoln by setting aside three hours every weekday, between the hours of 5:30 p.m. EST and 8:30 p.m. EST, to meet with anyone willing to stand in line outside the Capitol's Oval Office.

Many well-wishers expressed their appreciation for the change.

"It is important not to become too isolated as President of the United States," Barack Obama said when making the announcement, adding, "Most modern day presidents only have made time for contact with their deep-chested political advisers, the shiftless media and a cast of rich and famous celebrities. As President of this great land I plan to take a page from Lincoln and meet daily with all the people that make up this great nation of ours."

The President-Elect went on to say he would personally be handing out economic stimulus checks to those in need whether they took the time to come to the White House to meet with him, or they simply wrote him a letter describing their need.

"It is not just the banks, the finance companies, the mortgage companies, the loan sharks, the auto companies, the builders, the recreational vehicle industry, the cruise ship companies, the hospitals and health centers, the Indian and non-Indian casinos, the municipalities, the states and many other American industries that need a bailout in this historic and troublesome economic environment," Obama said, making clear his sentiments.

"The individual poor of this nation also need to be heard, and, they need to be given a helping hand up and out of their misery. If there is anything we as a nation need to be, it is more sympathetic toward those who do not know how to keep their finances in good order," stated the President-Elect.

The President expressed some irritation about the staffing problems his transition team is up against, and specifically about not being able to find any American workers willing to sweep out the Lincoln Monument. "I'd hate just to give the job to some wetback," he said, "but, everyone wants a Cabinet position. And no American apparently is willing to be a janitor."

You could apply for the job when you visit with President Obama. There are plenty of custodial and food-service positions still available in the Obama Administration. Do not delay.