Obama Mulls ‘Indefinite Detention’ Without Trial for Detainees | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Obama Mulls ‘Indefinite Detention’ Without Trial for Detainees

With the announcement that President Obama is going to restart the military tribunal system at Guantanamo Bay, it is now also being reported that the administration is floating in Congress the idea of holding some of the detainees on American soil, indefinitely and without trial.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: there is no real evidence to hold a lot of these people, who were simply turned over to American forces for a cash reward by neighbors who denounced them as "bad guys".

There is no rationale in American jurisprudence to hold many of these guys. Under American law, most of these cases, if these men had the right to all the protections afforded by our legal system, as well what constitutes true evidence against them, a lot of these cases would be dropped, and these men could walk free.

But precisely what this government is terrified of is having these men go free, and telling the world how they were kidnapped, thrown into American custody, and what was done to them at Gitmo.

And that kind of embarrassment, were it to ever to sink into American consciousness, might really provoke some kind of anti-incumbency outrage.

So, of course, that can never be allowed to happen.