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Obama Out-Bushes Bush on Preventive Detention

If George Bush had had the gall to propose changing the laws of the United States to allow people to be detained for long periods without even the intention of putting them on trial, progressives across the nation would be howling that the fascist hordes were at the gates. And they would be right. Even the do-nothing, scared-of-nearly-everything Congressional Black Caucus would be up in arms. George Bush and Dick Cheney empowered to imprison people without trial? Progressives everywhere would be justified in crying out against the threat to civilization as we know it. But when Barack Obama last week proposed the very same thing, preventive detention without trial, there was relative silence. People pretended it was just another Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This country is sliding into dictatorship, but most Americans cannot or will not see it.

And why??

The "pitchman" for this agenda is amazingly telegenic beyond belief, and that alone is a quality we put above the critical thinking necessary for an evaluation of what is being proposed by this administration..

Unfortunately, the agenda Obama's preaching is still the same time-released poison were were getting from Bush & Company; the only "change" has been that of appearance, not substance.