Obama sends marines to suppress population of southern Afghanistan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Obama sends marines to suppress population of southern Afghanistan

Contrary to campaign posturing our national policy is clearly intended to pacify, occupy and control Afghanistan;

"Disquiet in the military has clearly not been silenced. McClatchy Newspapers reported on Wednesday that National Security Advisor James Jones, who had just returned from Central Asia, had “started to hear rumblings that new commanders and officials being sent to Afghanistan would quickly urge another shift in strategy and more troops”. An unnamed senior officer allegedly told journalist Bob Woodward that at least 100,000 were needed."

"Late Wednesday, Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen told journalists that his instructions to General McCryhstal were to come back to him and “ask for what you need” in the way of additional troops. There is no reason to doubt that Obama will accept whatever the military demands. From his election campaign on, he has identified his presidency with not only “winning” the war in Afghanistan but extending it into Pakistan. Behind the façade of rooting out Islamic extremism and terrorism, the agenda is, and always has been, the establishment of US strategic dominance throughout Central Asia."