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Obama: We the People, Constitution are Garbage

U.S. Supreme Court
Deny, Deny, Deny
Exclusive to Rense.com
By: Devvy

""Obama camp: "Lawsuits by citizens are garbage""

"""Enforcing the Constitution of the United States is NOT "garbage" and furthermore, securing the rights of the people under the Constitution is NOT "garbage"!

"The Obama campaign's response is an elitist, condescending slap in the face to patriotic Americans. No one is above the law and Team Obama cannot make the question of Obama's eligibility go away by disrespecting the American people - and by inference, the Constitution of the United States.""

[The only supposed evidence produced by the Obama shysters has been shown to be fraudulent, it is not even a certified birth certificate -- just a "yes, he was born somewhere at some time", but not legally certified as being in Hawaii. If Obama had nothing to hide, he wouldn't be hiding ALL of his records, and with lots of help in powerful places. It couldn't be done unless it involved bribery, blackmail, and threats to sources and their families. Gosh, that sounds an awful lot like how the Clinton gang ran their affairs. No wonder, Obama is their kindred puppet! ]