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Obamacare: How Screwed Are You?

Since the ACA was deemed to have passed Congress, rewritten and declared a tax by Justice Roberts, altered, parsed and carved up by Presidential fiat, had its many exemptions and waivers issued to the fortunate and filibustered against its funding; dozens of minions in various administration agencies have also cranked out over 100 final regulations on how this fraud will be implemented.

That’s the long way of saying you’re about to be subjugated. Think I’m paranoid?

Okay, riddle me this:

Since when does enforcement of a law require thirty times more words and regulations than the law itself?

The answer is when enforcement is the entire point of the law.

But most importantly, the Administration will have you by the short hairs. They’ll have your medical history and the ability to share it or exploit it when it suits them.

They can approve or deny you and your family of what you need in the most critical department – your well-being. Winners and losers will be so much easier to pick now that behavior can be linked directly to government administered health benefits. I haven’t even gotten to the evil part yet:

We’ve seen first hand this administration’s willingness to oppress a private citizen’s civil rights based on their political beliefs. Do you really think it’s not going to happen with ObamaCare?