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Ocean Circulation Doesn't Work As Expected

New research led by Duke University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution relied on an armada of sophisticated floats to show that much of this water, originating in the sea between Newfoundland and Greenland, is diverted generally eastward by the time it flows as far south as Massachusetts. From there it disburses to the depths in complex ways that are difficult to follow.

A 50-year-old model of ocean currents had shown this southbound subsurface flow of cold water forming a continuous loop with the familiar northbound flow of warm water on the surface, called the Gulf Stream.

"Everybody always thought this deep flow operated like a conveyor belt, but what we are saying is that concept doesn't hold anymore," said Duke oceanographer Susan Lozier. "So it's going to be more difficult to measure these climate change signals in the deep ocean."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, it a nutshell, the "conveyor-belt", as useful as it might have been for propaganda purposes, does not actually exist.

There is a lesson here. We still do not fully understand what is going on in the deep ocean. The currents do not flow where the cultists needed them to, and we still have not fully mapped out all the ocean floor volcanoes which pour intense amounts of heat into the water, creating hot spots leading to "among other things" The El Nino.

If we do not understand all the aspects of how Earth's climate operates, then we cannot build an accurate model with which to make forecasts. The models being created now make certain assumptions, and as seen with the collapse of the conveyor belt theory, the assumptions are not always accurate. Indeed long experience has shown that the assumptions are often made to validate a desired outcome. But in the end, the only thing a computer model is really able to predict is the outcome of the computer model itself. Measurements taken of the present ice cap show that the ice is twice as thick as the models used by the cult suggested it would be. Hence, the assumptions used in those models are flawed.