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Octavia Nasr official web site

At CNN, Nasr served as an on-air and off-air analyst across all platforms of CNN Worldwide. She covered Middle East politics and current affairs, global terrorism and militant Islam. Her weekly Mideast Voices segment and her blogs offered a glimpse into the region rarely discussed on U.S. television.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the website of the young lady, victim of Israel's media pogrom now underway, fired from her CNN job over a twitter message expressing respect for one of the more moderate Islamic leaders who recently passed away. But of course, in Israel's America it ist VERBOTTEN to ever express respect or admiration for those that Israel has deemed unworthy, so like Helen Thomas, Ben Wederman, and Eric Margolis, Octavia was made example of to ensure the unswerving loyalty of the rest of the media to the one true approved point of view.

First they came for the honest journalists...