An Official Apology From White America | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

An Official Apology From White America

To Every African American, Chinese American, Japanese American, Native American, and Latin American that has lived in a nation that has treated them as second class citizens: America has apologized!

This nation has had a dismal record on race relations. White American has considered the nation and the world it's own private playground. The nation has finally turned the page. Whatever happens from here is still unknown but it is clear the nation has moved forward. The ideals that have always been more myth than reality are finally now actual reality. Barack Obama may be only half black but he is black enough to lift the nation above its 200+ years of dismal racial history. As a white person living in this country it is a pleasure to see the eyes of African Americans. It certainly does not erase the past, but the Presidency of Barack Obama goes a long way to lifting this nation up. It has been nearly a century and a half since Abraham Lincoln began the process but finally the better angels have prevailed.