Oil Executives Tell Committee That BP Spill Is an Aberration | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Oil Executives Tell Committee That BP Spill Is an Aberration

The chief executives of the world’s largest oil companies faced a Congressional panel of inquisitors on Tuesday and tried to cast the BP spill as a rare event that their companies were not likely to repeat.

In their remarks, the executives said that continued offshore exploration and drilling were essential to American oil and gas supplies and to the health of their industry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporations are entities which, by their very nature, have no conscience.

Therefore, it is up to Congress to enact legislation ensuring that the best possible "safe practices and standards" be observed at every stage of the drilling process, if in fact offshore drilling is allowed to continue, coupled with a rigorous, consistent inspection process.

Unfortunately, due to their large overt and covert contributions to US politicians' campaigns over the years, the oil industry has pretty much prevented that from happening to date.

One has to wonder if the economic and ecological disaster will generate enough fury, on the part of the people whose lives have been destroyed by the BP disaster, to remind politicians who they are really supposed to be working for.