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The Oligarchs' Escape Plan

This is the text of an email I sent Dr. Micahel Hudson at the University of Missouri:

Dr. Hudson,

Recently, in an article of yours published on CounterPunch entitled, "The Oligarchs' Escape Plan" you stated: "Since the 1950s the International Monetary Fund has made loans to support Third World exchange rates long enough to subsidize capital flight."

...and then you continue further down: "The new twist is a variant on the IMF “stabilization” plans that lend money to central banks to support their currencies – for long enough to enable local oligarchs and foreign investors to move their savings and investments offshore at a good exchange rate. The currency then is permitted to collapse, enabling currency speculators to rake in enough gains to empty out the central bank’s reserves."

In light of this revelation, attached here is a link to a youtube video in which a congressional representative talks of a "550 billion run on the central banks":

Is this representative of the type of movement that your article outlined? Where would this money go to, to protect the oligarchs you wrote about in your piece?