Opinion - No, Mr. President, Obama wasn't a 'nation-builder' in Afghanistan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Opinion - No, Mr. President, Obama wasn't a 'nation-builder' in Afghanistan

Listening to President Trump’s speech Monday night on Afghanistan, it was pretty easy to figure out how his military advisors had convinced him to endorse what is essentially a continuation of the policy he inherited from Barack Obama: using U.S. troops to train and advise Afghan security forces and engage in counter-terrorism operations, while pressing Pakistan to stop providing a haven for the Taliban and other insurgents.

The key was to package a policy largely characterized by continuity as a dramatic departure from the approach followed by Obama. Thus Trump told the nation that U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and Asia “will change dramatically.”

(Ironically, he failed to mention the most significant departure from Obama’s legacy: Trump’s approval of the Pentagon’s request to dispatch a few thousand more U.S. military personnel to Afghanistan. That information was communicated to the press and Congress off-camera by administration officials.)




(*Not the first time The Pages of History illuminate Obama over Trump , when it comes to Bush' war management .
Still , Obama is an EVIL socialist NAZI fascist , who's fault it all is , while Trump remains A Strong Leader From The Right , who's been victimized by the EVIL left . In fact here it is again in Real Time: Obama , there are supposed to be tons of documents proving you were A Nation Builder . Where'd they all go ?
no more than 48 hours and #NEVERTRUMP will have plenty of 'proof')

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