Our elites are pseudo-religious nut-cases | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Our elites are pseudo-religious nut-cases

But there is indeed a silver-lining to all this craziness.
Since the elites see the rest of human kind as so much inferior to them, their megalomania has gone more and more out of control and out of reason.
Some of the elites have committed the ultimate crime of executing an elaborate plan of mass-murder on September 11, 2001. By doing so they have killed thousands of loyal citizens of their own country in front of thousands of TV-cameras, broadcasting the crime live to the whole wide world and to billions of observing eye-witnesses.
They were so sure of their plan´s brilliance, so sure of their own superiority and power over governments and media, that they believed that even in the whole world there would never be enough people to figure it out and come together with their findings, sharing them with one-another and others.
But the elites were wrong.
And where we go from here will be interesting to see.