Our Geert (Wilders) has utterly crazy friends. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Our Geert (Wilders) has utterly crazy friends.

In his attempts to prove Islam wants to conquer the world by force (brrr...!), arabic expert Hans Jansen appeared in the Amsterdam courtroom last Wednesday.
Hans, a fanatical catholic, agrees with Geert (Wilders) completely. He was asked if the Quran could indeed be compared to Hitlers Mein Kampf, like Geert has done.
His answer was: "there are more anti-semitic passages in the Quran than in that book".

Well, he must have thought, who in the world would go and check that? The court doesnt have Mein Kampf at hand. Everybody who does, and also a Quran (like me) knows this is complete nonsense. I refer Jansen to chapters 3 and 9 in volume 1, and the chapters 2 and 5 in volume 2. And the rest of it, all through de book.
We are talking about hundreds and hundreds of anti-semitic remarks.

And the Quran? There, Mohammed (Allah, if you like) lashes out at jews some twenty times because they refused to convert and because they alledgedly falsified their holy books to be able to deny Mohammed is a God-sent prophet. That's all.
In other words, Jansen lied to the court with a straight face. But i am not finished yet.


In his book "Read the Quran yourself" he (Jansen) points out the Quran does not contain a call to terrorism, but that muslims are supposed to "scare" the infidels a little, and real terrorism is taking it so many steps further.
But that is not what he said to the judges. Geert never asked him to.

(Translated by Ness)