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Pakistan could collapse within six months: US expert

Pakistan could collapse within six months in the face of the snowballing insurgency, a top expert on guerrilla warfare has said.

The dire prediction was made by David Kilcullen, a former adviser to top US military commander General David Petraeus.

Petraeus also echoed the same thought when he told a Congressional testimony last week that the insurgency could "take down" Pakistan, which is home to nuclear weapons and al-Qaida.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, let me get my head around this for a second.

We are looking at the potential collapse of a failing nation state, potentially within the next 6 months.

Why, then, are we looking at pouring billions into Pakistan's military?

The logic of the US approach simply boggles the mind.

Unless, that is, that the US is looking for further destabilization of Pakistan which would constitute the justification for "saving Pakistan from itself"

Pakistan may well be the next patsy in the US's exercise of military power in the region.

And don't think for one hot second that under an Obama presidency, we won't see a return to the draft, if there is some staged event concocted to galvanize the American people into demonizing yet another country, and going to war against it.

Obama and his team are desperately looking for something, anything, to deflect the anger of the American people from how badly they're doing economically toward another target.