Pakistan quake relief efforts focus on bitter winter | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Pakistan quake relief efforts focus on bitter winter

Relief efforts in a Pakistani valley hit by a powerful earthquake this week are turning to preparing thousands of homeless for a freezing winter, officials said on Saturday, as aftershocks jolted survivors.

The 6.4 magnitude quake struck Baluchistan, Pakistan's largest but most poor province on Wednesday, destroying or damaging thousands of mud-walled homes and killing at least 215 people.

The epicentre was in Ziarat district, a picturesque valley framed by jagged mountains and one of the region's main tourist spots. Night-time temperatures are falling below freezing.

Scores of aftershocks, some nearly as strong as the original quake, have hit with a magnitude 5 shock rattling the region at dawn on Saturday. There were no reports of new damage.

Population Minister Humayun Aziz Kurd said about 75,000 people were homeless because their houses were destroyed or damaged.