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Panda: Mac is less secure than Windows, here's an antivirus

The number of Mac OS vulnerabilities has quintupled in less than a year. In 2009, 34 vulnerabilities were detected for Mac OS. So far in 2010, this number has risen to 175 vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the platform can also be affected by 170,000 macro viruses for Windows and there are 5,000 classified strains of malware that specifically target Apple systems, according to Panda Security.

"We would even say that today, the Windows operating system is more secure than Mac, simply because Microsoft has been working proactively on security for many years," Ivan Fermon, SVP Product Management from Panda Security, said in a statement. "As the Apple system has yet to be seriously threatened, it may contain more vulnerabilities than those we are aware of, which could be exploited to launch zero-day attacks similar to those against Windows."


The MAC. like anything else, as it becomes more popular, is more likely to become a target for hackers.
Linux users beware. Stop bragging about how good it is. Less users means less hackers :)