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Patrick Cockburn: Who killed 120 civilians? The US says it's not a story

I did not meet survivors but I did talk to a reliable witness, a radio reporter called Farooq Faizy, who had gone to Bala Baluk soon after the attack happened. He said that police and soldiers nearby were frightened of the Taliban and told him it was too dangerous to go on, but he spoke to some village elders, telling them: "Talk to us and we will tell the world." He says he was none too sure who was in control of the three villages – Gerani, Gangabad and Khoujaha – that had been hit and he was careful about what he said. But he did take some 70 or 80 photographs and they bore out the villagers' story: there were craters everywhere; the villages had been plastered with bombs; bodies had been torn to shreds by the blasts; there were mass graves; there were no signs of damage from bullets, rockets or grenades.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Afghan people do not hate us because we are free; they hate us because we are killing and maiming their children, their wives, their mothers, their fathers, and their loved ones.

Hamid Karzai has chosen a war lord wanted by the US to be a part of his government, because he is hopeful that this man can, through brute force of his militias, stomp down on the anger here.

Karzai is making a very bad judgment out of desperation.

Because at some point, the anger of the Afghan people at the US puppet regime he represents will not be able to be contained.

All he has to do is ask Russians who were part of the Afghanistan campaign led by the old Soviet Union. The Soviets couldn't contain the country with 500,000 men.