The Pentagon is asking Congress to approve the purchase from Russia already ordered the RD-180 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Pentagon is asking Congress to approve the purchase from Russia already ordered the RD-180

The U.S. Department of defense requests the U.S. Congress to authorize the purchase of the RD-180 from Russia, which is already booked in 2014 but not paid for in full at the time, said Deborah Lee James.
She urged members of Congress to approve proposed by the Pentagon an amendment to a previously adopted law, which prohibits the air force to use the RD-180 from 2019. In its present form, this law carries the risk that "we will not be able to achieve the intended objective, namely to 2018" to begin to sign contracts for orbital launches using the new American engine, which will be set instead of the RD-180, recognized James, speaking at the hearings before the Committee on armed services of the Senate of the Congress.
At the same time she stressed that the Pentagon agrees with the legislators: "We should (in the future) to abandon the use of Russian rocket engines RD-180.
As reported in mid-April, the American company United Launch Alliance, which is engaged in the purchase of RD-180, a valid contract with NPO Energomash of Moscow region of Khimki, producing data of the power plant was signed on the eve of the reunification of Russia and Crimea. It is designed to receive 29 engines. According to the testimony of ULA, 18 of these products have already passed the fire tests in Russia, and the remaining 11 are at different stages of development.
The head of Space command U.S. air force General John Hyten said on Tuesday at a meeting with a small group of reporters that the Pentagon actually insists that the permitted period of operation the RD-180 in the implementation of the spins in the interests of national armed forces and intelligence has been extended until 2022. The Pentagon "does not request further extensions,.. because at that stage (in 2022) industry needs to be competitive, and commercial American", i.e. to have a domestic development instead of the RD-180, added Hiten. In addition, answering the question TASS, he said, the United States continues to consider the acquisition in Russia the license to produce the RD-180 in the U.S. territory for use by National Aeronautics and space research (NASA), civilian and commercial purposes.