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Pentagon Readies the ‘Father of All Bombs’ for Use Against North Korea

It is no secret that the Defense Department is preparing for possible preventive attacks on North Korean nuclear and missile facilities, supposedly intended to prevent the Kim Jong-un regime in Pyongyang from developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering nuclear warheads to the continental United States. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has openly called for strikes of this sort, sometimes described as the “bloody nose” option. But any such scenario faces two major hurdles: First, a US strike could provoke massive retaliation by the North against South Korea and Japan, producing vast numbers of civilian casualties; and second, it could fail to destroy all of the North’s nuclear and missile facilities, most of which are thought to be hidden in deep underground shelters. So far as can be determined, the Pentagon has yet to come up with a viable response to the first of these (though it is continuing to search for one), but, with the GBU-57, it may have come up with a solution to the second.

It is impossible to minimize the risks of a first-strike “preventive” US attack on North Korea. Even if American air and missile attacks succeed in destroying many of North Korea’s long-range missiles, that country would still be capable, in all likelihood, of raining vast numbers of artillery shells and short-range missiles (some possibly armed with chemical weapons) on Seoul, located only a few dozen miles from the North Korean border, and on other heavily populated areas in Japan and South Korea—probably killing tens or hundreds of thousands of people (including many American soldiers and their dependents living there). This prospect has led some senior Pentagon officials—including, reportedly, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis—to caution the White House against ordering a preventive strike. Nevertheless, there are many indications that the Pentagon is putting in place the means to conduct such an attack—and recent enhancements to the GBU-57 bomb are among the most alarming of those.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump, please listen to Sec Def Mattis on this issue.

I would like to politely remind you that this country has managed to get along with nuclear armed countries it doesn't particularly like, as is the case with Pakistan.

These missiles Kim Jung Un is developing are simply for reasons of deterrence, in order to prevent a military strike by the US.

Kim Jung Un is many things, but stupid is just not one of them.

He would never, in a million years, do a first strike against any US asset, because he understands, full well, that should he do that, the US would turn North Korea into a sea of molten glass with its counterstrike.

Also, a pre-emptive strike against North Korea would most probably drag China and Russia into the fray, no North Korea's side.

Is the US military really ready for such a battle?!? Sir, you had really better think this one through, and consult with people who won't lie to you just to make you happy, before you give the order to do this.