Personal Computers Could Be Open to Government Access Under New Obama Copyright Plan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Personal Computers Could Be Open to Government Access Under New Obama Copyright Plan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is not about copyrights. This is about the government having absolute access to all your emails and files at all times without a warrant. Back during the Seattle APEC, FBI agents were caught spying on attendees' laptop computers, not for evidence of a crime, but for industrial secrets which were passed on the favored political cronies. Other agents have been charged with insider trading for taking the information gleaned from computers and cell phones and using it for their own personal gain.

Don't get me wrong; my sympathies are very much with the holders of copyrights and I am opposed to sharing of copyrighted files. But Obama's push for unlimited government access to your computers is all about holding off the inevitable revolution while we are taxed into a Gaza lifestyle of poverty and helplessness for the benefit of Obama's Israeli masters. The fact is that the vast majority of file sharers, if they are unable to share the files will not purchase the content anyway BECAUSE NOBODY HAS THE JOBS TO PAY FOR LUXURY ITEMS LIKE MOVIES AND MUSIC. The decline in entertainment revenues matches the decline in revenues across the society. The blame does not fall on the file sharers but on the government which has mismanaged this economy to the edge of ruin. NOBODY is doing good business right now.

The fact is that shutting down the file sharing will not only not significantly improve the sale of music and videos, but will DECREASE the sale of digital media players!