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Plan Mexico and the politics of fear

March 06, 2009
Plan Mexico and the politics of fear
On a topical level, I am not very familiar with the kidnapping situation in Mexico. I also found it amusing (though not surprising) how little the authors touch on the infiltration of the drug cartels into all levels of government. But I do agree with you that this fits well with the increasing rhetoric we see coming from the administration regarding violence in Mexico. In my view, it's all circular. Drugs come through Mexico for U.S. consumers. The cartels use this money to buy U.S. weapons, among other things. Cartels splinter due to the arrest or killing of leaders, due to the money involved, or due to new players in the game. This increases cartel-on-cartel violence. Add to the mix Calderon's "drug war", and you have cartels, cops, and soldiers all killing each other, leading to more than 6,000 homicides in 2008. Of course the drug business itself isn't effected because the police, military and civil administration on all levels are either so corrupt or so inept that all they do is tragically increase the body count.