Please Stop Telling Poor People to Leave Their Homes | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Please Stop Telling Poor People to Leave Their Homes

Now, just like last year, armchair meteorologists are saying that residents who fail to leave areas affected by Hurricane Florence just don’t understand the danger. Frankly, that is an elitist mentality. It’s also not that simple.

Cost is a major factor for many people trying to decide whether to evacuate. Last year, the average price of one night’s stay in a hotel room in the U.S. during September was $128.52, according to Statista. If a family squeezed into a single hotel room for three nights, that would add up to $385.56. Many Americans don’t even have $500 in savings, making an unplanned hotel stay a significant financial burden. Add the cost of food and gas, and a family of four could quickly blow through whatever savings they had. Even if they resorted to a high-interest payday loan to cover evacuation expenses, leaving the area might get them fired.